Transportation & equipment


When going on a Feel Good Safari the only thing you have to take care of, is to arrive at the airport in time. We will transport your snow mobile or ATV to the destination and back. Also the transportation from the airport to your accommodation will be arranged.

Let’s use a long weekend in Salla as an example: You will fly to Rovaniemi on Thursday afternoon and be sitting on your snow mobile by six o’clock in the evening already. There will still be time for some driving on Sunday before noon, but you are back home by the evening.




Snow mobiles

3 ea. LYNX ADVENTURE GT 1200 ECS 2 2015 Touring
3 ea. LYNX RAVE 800 RE 2015 Sport
LYNX 600 ACE Touring’s for rent as well.


1 ea. POLARIS 850 tractor ATV year 2013
2 ea. BRB Outlander 650 two-seated tractor ATV

lynxi lynxi02

Just the kind of safari's You want.